Aug 23, 2012


Well, Christopher's bedroom is finally done and he is sleeping in his own bed every night.  The nursery was almost finished before he was born but then took a seat on the back burner for awhile after we came home from the hospital.  It is now complete and we can finally appreciate the work that went into putting it all together.

I will start by showing you all of the little pieces that went into the making of this room and then give you the "whole picture" at the end.

First up was the curtains.  Some of you will recognize that this material actually came from a shower curtain that I found at Target.  I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted and try as I might, I could not find actual curtains or even material from the fabric store that gave me what I wanted.

When I saw this shower curtain, however, I loved it.  I knew that we were having a boy and so I wanted the nursery to have a more masculine feel.  I also wanted to stay away from the cutesy "baby" fabrics.  Definitely not my style.  Since we were not repainting the room, I actually had to work with the pale green and I felt like this pattern works perfectly with that color while also subtly introducing a few new colors.

The same fabric was used as a dust ruffle on the crib and in a few throw pillows for the bed so you will see it repeated in the room to help tie everything together.

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