Dec 12, 2010

Friendly Reminder to Help Donate Clean Water to those in Need

I was recently notified that I had been accepted as a partner in the P&G Give Health project.  This is a clean water initiative and you know how much water issues are near and dear to my heart.  P&G is committed to providing 2L (1 days worth) of clean drinking water through their Children's Safe Drinking Water Program for every click on the "Donate Water" widget (found in the right sidebar).  You can donate once every day and it does not cost you a cent, only a few minutes of your time.  The first time you enter your email address you will need to go to your email account and verify it.  Once your email has been verified, you only need to reenter it on a daily basis.   Please help P&G reach their goal of providing 100,000 days of clean drinking water!
*Note* This is a sponsored post.  P&G is providing me with a $50 gift card for a giveaway for every 1000 days of clean drinking water my readers provide.  All opinions are my own.

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