Oct 29, 2010

Rome, Italy

While in Rome, Chris and I spent most of our time seeing the highlights.  We spent an entire day in Vatican City at St. Peter's and the Vatican Museums where we also saw the Sistine Chapel.  We also went to the Trevi Fountain and threw in our coins to ensure a return trip to Rome, and the Spanish Steps where we caught a beautiful sunset over the city.  Another highlight for us was the Colisseum and the Roman Forum.

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Oct 28, 2010

Oct 26, 2010


We spent a short day in Sicily where we hiked up the side of Mt. Etna to one of the craters, tried some fresh cannoli, and visited the town of Taormina.

In case you can't tell--it was crazy windy & cold on Mt. Etna!


One of several wild fox that we saw on our way to Mt. Etna.  Check out his eyes...

2 More Sea Days

After leaving Egypt we had 2 back-to-back sea days.  Two days to finally catch up on sleep and get some much needed rest after our whirlwind trips through Israel and Egypt.

more ice sculptures at brunch

Chris & I took the "Heartbeat of the Operation" tour of the galley.

I also attended an art auction.  I wanted to see what pieces of glass would be auctioned off and how much money they drew.  The money raised from the sale of all glass is donated to the Corning Museum of Glass in New York for their scholarship program.  Each piece auctioned raised over $400 each!
This is one of the glass vases that Chris & I saw made at the glass show we attended. 

At dinner our waiter and his assistant surprised us with a "happy honeymoon" cake and they even sang to us!

Oct 22, 2010


Chris & I saw the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Step Pyramids of Saqqara, and even rode a camel!  The pyramids were unbelievable!  We were able to touch one of the pyramids in Giza (no climbing allowed!) and even enter one of the pyramids in Saqqara.  The Egyptian museum in Cairo was filled to the brim with ancient artifacts, including the King Tut exhibit, and a mummy room.  We could have spent days in there.

Oct 21, 2010


We spent 2 days in Israel where we visited many places including Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, and many more.  We also took a side trip to Palestine and visited Bethlehem.  Israel is a country that we would definitely visit again.   There is so much history in this small country that we didn't even scratch the surface.  The religious significance of this area is enormous and everywhere we visited had biblical reference.  Definitely a moving trip.

The Western Wall (The Wailing Wall)

The Jordan River

We ate lunch at a Kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee.

"picking" olives


Oct 20, 2010

Second Sea Day

We had another sea day as we sailed towards Israel.  We slept in and then explored some of the events on the ship.  Our favorite by far was the Hot Glass Show.  We loved the show and then we got a nice surprise at the end.

Three pieces of glass were raffled off at the end of the show and Chris & I won this beautiful vase!

Oct 19, 2010

Ephesus, Turkey

This was an amazing port of call.  The highlight of this tour had to be the Terrace Houses but I loved the carpet school as well.  

The Celsius Library

 Terrace Houses

Yes, these are toilets...

The Carpet School

I wish I knew what size our living room will be in our new house.  I would love a new rug!

Athens, Greece

Our first port of call was in Athens, Greece.  We took a tour of the Acropolis, visited Hadrian's Gate and some Olympic sites, and did a little shopping.

Oct 6: First Sea Day

After setting sail from Civitavecchia, our ship headed south towards Athens, Greece and we had one full day at sea.

Brunch in the Main Dining Room

We attended our Cruise Critic meet & greet.  It was a huge group of over 100 and a bit chaotic at times.  We stayed long enough to participate in the gift swap and pick up our tickets for our group tour in Turkey.

Next on our agenda was the Honeymoon & Anniversary Party.  This was a bit more relaxed since it was a much smaller group, and there was complimentary champagne and cake.

And of course, it was a sea day, which means we had our first formal night.