Jul 28, 2010

OOPS! Has it really been 7 months since I last posted to the blog? Where did all the time go? Look for some new pictures in the next few days (I just need to find that darn cord for the camera...)

Until then, here is what we have been up to...

Chris & I have been crazy planning our upcoming wedding. I can't believe it is less than 2 months from now! Wow time sure does fly. It seems like it was just yesterday that Chris proposed. Luckily everything is falling into place. My dress came in this week. Mom & I are going to Macy's Bridal on August 9 so I can try on my very own dress for the first time. I am crazy excited about it! My shoes also came in today and they look beautiful. The final payment on our Honeymoon was made this week and our plane tickets were purchased. We ended up getting our flights to line up with the rest of the family so that we can all fly together from Denver to Hawaii and back to Denver. Chris & I will then leave Denver to fly to Rome. Definitely a plus in my book!

Stay tuned for pictures in the next few days!