Dec 8, 2009

Chris's Birthday at Soldier Field

For Chris's birthday, we went to the Bears vs. Rams game on Dec. 6. Bears won (finally) and we had a great time tailgating in the morning!

Chris, Sherry, Owen & I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo in November.

Oct 15, 2009

While in Biloxi, we toured some of the Hurricane Katrina monuments and memorials. The wood carvings are actual tree stumps left after Katrina tore away most of the tree. Instead of removing the stumps and leaving the area bare, they were carved into different animal shapes.

We spent an evening in Biloxi with family trying our luck at the casinos. Amazingly, after 6 hours of eating, drinking, and gambling, we actually left with more money than we came in with!

The first of October found us traveling south to visit family in Alabama. We made a slight detour on our long drive to see Ruby Falls in Tennessee.

Sep 3, 2009

Camping and Hiking at Starved Rock State Park in August

Hiking in Palos Hills Illinois in August. We even caught a few bullfrogs at Bullfrog Lake and found an overly friendly, one-eyed raccoon!

Jul 18, 2009

We went to Green Lake, Wisconsin with our friend Andrew for a weekend getaway. Here is Andrew showing off the first fish of the trip--a large mouth bass which Chris prepared for dinner that night.

Our little sea dog. She was great on the boat, and even decided she could swim (Of course, it was because she was chasing ducks in the water...)
Chris showing off the two fish that he caught within 30 minutes of each other. A large mouth bass and a nothern pike.

Caught my first two fish! First up, a small mouth bass and finally a 28 inch Northern Pike!

Jul 8, 2009

The 2009 Independence Day Parade on Constitution Ave.

Watching the Nats win one on July 4th at home and watching Adam Dunn hit his 300th career home run. Go Nats!

Paddle boating in the Tidal Basin

Chris & I decided to give paddle boating a try since we really wanted to see the Jefferson Memorial but really did NOT want to go through security again. Who knew a slate picture frame could be considered a weapon...?


After a long, hot day, we found a place to sit and watch the fireworks from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the Reflecting Pool.